The Economics of Digital Identity

Von Ralf Keuper

In dem Report The Economics of Digital Identity, der von Oracle gesponsort wurde, wird die erfolgskritische Bedeutung digitaler Identitäten für Unternehmen hervorgehoben. In der Einleitung steht:

There will be winners and losers in this future of all-enveloping digital connectivity. In the rush to open up new digital channels, businesses cannot afford to lose sight of the need to identify and engage with individuals using a huge range of mobile devices. Understanding and managing digital identities is becoming critical because a single view of an individual customer is the key to knowing that person better and building a deeper relationship with him or her.  … The message is clear: companies must have a well-considered approach to the use and protection of these data in an age in which earning customers’ trust—and not letting them down—is essential to future prosperity.

In der Digitalmoderne habe sich die Macht zu den Eigentümern der personenbezogenen Daten verschoben:

Today, far richer digital-identity information looks set to drive new opportunities and news ways of working. Power is shifting dramatically in the direction of the “owners” of that informa…

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