FastPay von facebook angeblich 7mal so schnell wie Visa

Von Ralf Keuper

In einem Paper, das von drei Mitarbeitern von facebook Novi verfasst wurde, wird ein Zahlungssystem namens FastPay vorgestellt, das Transaktionen siebenmal so schnell abwickeln soll wie Visa[1]Facebook claims its proposed payments network is 7 times faster than Visa’s.

Mit FastPay will facebook die Schwächen bestehender sowie blockchain-basierter Zahlungsnetzwerke lösen bzw. umgehen.

The performance and robustness of FastPay is beyond and above the state of the art, and validates that moving away from both centralized solutions and full consensus to manage pre-funded retail payments has significant advantages. Authorities can jointly process tens of thousands of transactions per second (we observed a peak of 160,000 tx/sec) using merely commodity hardware and lean software.


A payment confirmation latency of less than 200ms between continents make FastPay practical for point of sale payments— where goods and services need to be delivered fast and in person. Pretty much instant settlement enables retail payments to be freed from intermediaries, such as banks payment networks, since they eliminate any credit risk inherent in deferred netted end-of-day payments, that underpin today most national Fast Payment systems.

Eine Kombination mit Digitalen Währungen ist möglich:

FastPay can be used as a side chain of any crypto-currency with reasonable finality guarantees, and sufficient programmability. As compared to bilateral payment channels it is superior in that it allows users to pay anyone in the system without locking liquidity into the bilateral channel, and is fully asynchronous. .. . As compared to traditional payment channel networks (such as the lighting network. FastPay is simpler and does not require complex path finding algorithms.

Mit FastPay dürfte facebook die Absicht verfolgen, seiner eigenen digitalen Währung LIbra den Weg zu ebnen. Ein kluger Schachzug.

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