This paper explo­res how fin­tech finan­cing is regu­la­ted. New tech­no­lo­gy-enab­led busi­ness models rela­ted to depo­sit-taking, credit inter­me­dia­ti­on and capi­tal-rai­sing have emer­ged. The­se are digi­tal ban­king, fin­tech balan­ce sheet len­ding and crowd­fun­ding plat­forms (the lat­ter two are refer­red to as fin­tech plat­form finan­cing). In this paper, we pro­vi­de a cross-coun­try over­view of the regu­la­to­ry requi­re­ments for the­se fin­tech acti­vi­ties in 30 juris­dic­tions. The paper is based on an exten­si­ve desk­top review of regu­la­ti­ons and rela­ted docu­ments, com­ple­men­ted by respon­ses to an FSI sur­vey con­duc­ted in ear­ly 2019.

Quel­le /​ Link: Regu­la­ting fin­tech finan­cing: digi­tal banks and fin­tech platforms

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