Von Ralf Keuper
In einem Inter­view mit Medium.com wur­de Bill Gates u.a. gefragt, wie er die Erfolgs­chan­cen von Bit­coin ins­ge­samt einschätzt. 

Fra­ge: Are you exci­ted about the poten­ti­al of Bit­coin in sys­tems like the­se as a way to keep fees low and have the sys­tem work robust­ly in the glo­bal sense?

Ant­wort Bill Gates: There’s a lot that Bit­coin or Ripp­le and vari­ants can do to make moving money bet­ween coun­tries easier and get­ting fees down pret­ty dra­ma­ti­cal­ly. But Bit­coin won’t be the domi­nant sys­tem. When you talk about a domestic eco­no­my, [you must have] the idea of attri­bu­t­ed tran­sac­tions, whe­re if you sent it to the wrong per­son you can actual­ly get the tran­sac­tion rever­sed. [And a tra­di­tio­nal sys­tem] doesn’t have this huge fluc­tua­ti­on whe­re the value of your account is going up and down by a fac­tor of two. We need things that draw on the revo­lu­ti­on of Bit­coin, but Bit­coin alo­ne is not good enough.

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