Invest­ment ban­king taken gene­ral­ly to mean the finan­cing of long-term capi­tal needs, came into being with the mer­chants of medieval trade rou­tes. In almost all deve­lo­ped eco­no­mies of the world, even tho­se deve­lo­ping late in the 19th cen­tu­ry, invest­ment ban­kers emer­ged from mer­chant roots. The pro­vi­si­on of invest­ment ban­king ser­vices has come from a varie­ty of insti­tu­ti­ons over time and across count­ries. Pro­ducts and ser­vices have evol­ved to include com­plex, often deri­va­ti­ve, secu­ri­ties; and the legal regu­la­ti­on of invest­ment ban­king has often chan­ged abrupt­ly, par­ti­cu­lar­ly in the last 100 years. Thus, even well-known invest­ment ban­king names that have endu­red over the cen­tu­ries bear litt­le resem­blan­ce to their ancestors.

Quel­le /​ Link: A Brief Histo­ry of Invest­ment Ban­king from Medieval Times to the Present

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