Hashgraph statt Blockchain? #2

Von Ralf Keuper

Wie in Hedera Hashgraph and MZ unveil next-generation blockchain alternative berichtet wird, ist das Hashgraph Hedera Council offiziell an den Start gegangen, um eine Alternative zur Blockchain zu etablieren. Die Hashgraph-Seite wurde in Hedera Hashgraph umbenannt. (Vgl. dazu: Hashgraph statt Blockchain?).

The Hedera group wants to use the ledger to enable anyone to make fast, secure, fair, and globally distributed applications

Hedera Hashgraph wird laut Techrunch als separates Unternehmen (separate venture) geführt. Bislang wurde Hashgraph als permissoned ledger lanciert. Das habe jedoch zu Limitierungen geführt, die man mit dem public ledger beheben will:

Last year, hashgraph released speed tests of hundreds of thousand transactions a second on Swirld’s permission-based ledger. While impressive, it couldn’t be fairly compared with public ledgers, because the number and identity of nodes in a permission-based network are known. Today, Hedera Hashgraph shared their public ledger test results.

Sofern ich es richtig deute, wird die Hashgraph-Technologie weiter von Swirlds entwickelt. Hinter Hedera Hashgraph stehen das Hedera-Council und MZ. Swirlds ist eines von 39 Mitgliedern des Hedera Council.

Der eingangs erwähnte Beitrag empfiehlt das Video Hashgraph. New Directions for Blockchains and Distributed Ledger

Ein weiteres, etwas später veröffentlichtes Video – bereits zu Hedera Hashgraph

Hedera gibt sich eine Governance-Struktur:

Hedera expects to enable anyone to run a node without having to pay for a mining rig or large amounts of electricity. Hedera will be governed by a council of leading corporations and organizations across multiple industries, bringing needed experience in process and business expertise. Membership criteria is designed to reflect a range of industries and geographies with respected, trusted brands and market positions. The proposed governance model will ensure that no single entity has complete control and that no group of members has undue influence over the body as a whole. Hedera will use a combination of technical and legal controls to give the governing council mechanisms to promote stability and ensure the network will never fork.


Under the governance model, all Governing Members will have equal governing rights and each Governing Member (with the exception of Swirlds) is expected to serve a limited term, ensuring that no single Governing Member or group of Governing Members has centralized control. The Hedera Hashgraph Council guarantees the wide, equitable distribution of the hash cryptocurrency, and that nodes in the network are being fully utilized (Whitepaper).

Hat Swirlds also doch eine Sonderrolle?

Zum Identitätsmanagement in Hedera:

The Hedera technical framework includes an Opt-In Escrow Identity mechanism that gives users a choice to bind verified identities to otherwise anonymous cryptocurrency accounts, which will in our opinion provide governments with the oversight necessary to ensure regulatory compliance. This is completely optional, and each user can decide what kinds of credentials, if any, to reveal. We intend to work with governments to provide the same level of protection to distributed public ledgers as is currently present in the financial system (Whitepaper)

Weitere Informationen finden sich im Whitepaper Hedera: A Governing Council & Public Hashgraph Network.

Vor wenigen Tagen wurde bekannt, dass die Messaging und Gaming-Plattform Mingo eine Vereinbarung mit Swirlds, der Betreiberfirma hinter Hedera Hahsgraph, erzielt wurde (Vgl. dazu: Mingo Reaches Agreement with Swirlds on Use of Hedera Hashgraph Technology).

Weitere Informationen:

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