Distributed ledger technology in payment, clearing and settlement – An analytical framework

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This report provides an analytical framework for central banks and other authorities to review and analyse the use of this technology for payment, clearing and settlement. Market participants and other interested parties may also find this report useful. The main aim of the framework is to help understand the uses of DLT and, in doing so, identify both the opportunities and challenges associated with this technology in a critical part of the financial system. Through this framework, central banks and other interested parties can better determine the technology’s potential to provide operational efficiencies and to make financial markets more robust and resilient.

Developments to date suggest that DLT bears promise but that there is still a long way to go before that promise may be fully realised. Much work is needed to ensure that the legal underpinnings of DLT arrangements are sound, governance structures are robust, technology solutions meet industry needs, and that appropriate data controls are in place and satisfy regulatory requirements. It also seems clear that changes and related efficiency gains are more likely to be incremental than revolutionary

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