Most mana­gers mana­ge for yesterday’s con­di­ti­ons, becau­se yes­ter­day is whe­re they got their expe­ri­en­ces and had their suc­ces­ses. But manage­ment is about tomor­row, not yes­ter­day. Tomor­row con­cerns what should be done, not what has been done. “Should” is deter­mi­ned  by the exter­nal envi­ron­ment – what com­pe­ti­tors (old, new, and poten­ti­al) can and might do, the choices this will give cus­to­mers and tho­se who advi­se or direct cus­to­mers, the rules con­stant­ly being made by govern­ments and other  play­ers, demo­gra­phic chan­ges, advan­ces in gene­ra­li­zed know­ledge and tech­no­lo­gy, chan­ging eco­lo­gy and public sen­ti­ment and the like.

Quel­le: Thin­king about manage­ment 

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