Von Ralf Keuper

Das Zusam­men­spiel der elek­tro­ni­schen Unter­schrift mit dem Bezahl­vor­gang und auto­ma­tisch aus­führ­ba­ren Ver­trä­gen wird die digi­ta­le Öko­no­mie nach Ansicht des Grün­ders von Docu­Sign, Tom Gon­ser, revolutionieren.

In einem Inter­view erläu­ter­te Gon­ser wie die­ses Zusam­men­spiel aus­se­hen könnte:

Now with Docu­Sign, I can put a secu­re pay­ment sur­face area into any docu­ment. That could be a web link on my web­site whe­re someo­ne signs up for some­thing; it could be some­thing that we have a con­ver­sa­ti­on about and I send you a con­tract through Docu­Sign. It’s any num­ber of are­as that can be put in place. One of the bene­fits is that the pay­ments infra­st­ruc­tu­re is bet­ween Docu­Sign and the pay­ment gateway—both high­ly secu­re sys­tems. The user doesn’t have to be invol­ved with any of that stuff. It’s total­ly safe from that per­spec­ti­ve; radi­cal­ly fast to deploy; super safe from a PCI com­pli­an­ce per­spec­ti­ve; and I can deploy it in any docu­ment (in:

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